We all know exercising improves our health and wellbeing both physical and mental: but what do you do if you aren’t feeling motivated? Learn more.

How to Stay Motivated If You Don’t Feel Like Working Out

We all know that working out has a range of benefits to your health and wellbeing, both physical and mental, but sometimes it can seem difficult to get started. You will almost always feel good after exercise, but the motivation to begin can seem out of reach for a number of reasons. A bad day at work, feeling overwhelmed by family commitments, miserable weather or even just a mid-week slump are all reasons why you might be struggling to move from the couch to the gym. Here are some ways to stay motivated if you don’t feel like working out:

Try something new

Variety is the spice of life! If you find yourself unmotivated to do your usual run, gym class or home workout, change it up. You could try a new activity such as a dance class, rock climbing, Pilates, boxing, or anything else you wouldn’t usually do. This will make your exercise routine feel fresh and exciting, plus your body will benefit from different movements.  If organized activities aren’t your thing, you can switch up something in your usual routine: pick a different running route, do your yoga practice in a park or put on a podcast while you workout instead of music.

Set a small workout goal

If the thought of attending a 30-minute HIIT class at the gym seems like too much for that day, that’s okay! Instead, go to the gym in your own time and give yourself small and achievable goals. Set your timer for just 5 minutes on the treadmill, chances are when that timer goes off you will want to keep moving. Then set your time for 5 minutes of arm exercises, leg exercise etc. As you get moving, your body will start to feel good about exercise and before you know it you will have been at the gym for 45 minutes. And if it doesn’t work (which it won’t always) that’s okay too. At least you can go home knowing you tried, and get back into it the next day.

Set a big workout goal

Sometimes working out just to stay fit and healthy do not feel like fulfilling enough reasons to show up consistently. Consider setting a big future goal that you can look to whenever you don’t feel like putting on the gym shoes. This could be signing up for a charity race 6 months from now, aiming to swim a mile without stopping, or lifting a certain amount of weight. Pick whatever aligns with your interests and feels like an achievable but challenging goal for you. Set a date to achieve the goal, and think about working towards it every time you exercise.

Find an accountability buddy

If you are finding it difficult to stay motivated, you are not alone! Many of us have fitness goals we would like to achieve, and fitness routines we would like to maintain. Find a friend and promise to hold each other accountable. You don’t have to have the same goals or even do the same kinds of exercise for this to work — sometimes a text from a friend urging you to keep going is enough to give you the motivational boost you need.

Consider a personal trainer

Personal trainers are great resources when it comes to tailoring exercise programs to suit your needs and goals, and they are also great motivators! Knowing you have a session with a trainer coming up in your calendar can help keep you on track.

If you try these motivational methods and they don’t work for you, that’s okay! Motivation is different for everyone and if you don’t achieve your goal one day or miss a workout, you can simply start again tomorrow.